photo session vibes 


Every family is unique and special in their own way. We rush through every day, inevitably overlooking moments that are imperfect, but beautiful. As adults, we spend so much time stressing about making things as perfect as we can, and photo sessions are no exception. But, let me remind you- life isn't perfect.  We often forget how to stop and embrace the moment. A spilled juice box can be a really silly memory, if you let it. A crying child could turn into a tender moment. A laugh can shake the universe if we don't try to silence it.  


My approach is very laid back, flexible and simple. I arrive at every session without expectations of how it will unfold. While it's hard for you, the client, to do this - being open to letting moments happen naturally and honestly make for the best photographs. I meet your family where you are at! If your child wants to run around, I'll run after them. If you're kiddo wants to cry and scream, I'll capture that moment, too. If everyone is up for a posed shot, then let's do it! For me, the best photographs are those which are true to the moment + period of your life.  In my sessions, you get what you give! I know it's hard to be in front of a camera, but the best advice I can give: just have fun. be silly. don't stress if your kiddo becomes unruly. Just go with the flow. Life is imperfectly beautiful, and that is always worth capturing.

post production style

There's A LOT of misguided images on social media, which is leading to unhealthy views of what we "should" look like. I want my work to be honest to who you are, not who you are behind filters and unnecessary photo shopping. You are beautiful, and that should never be hidden or altered. 


It's important to be clear about where I stand on post production + editing styles. I work hard during the session to try and avoid photographing anything in the frame that would later need to be removed, but that's life. Sometimes, especially when I'm running around - that can't be avoided. 


To the best of my ability during post production, I will remove distractions such as trash cans, or random dogs, people and objects in the background. I may enhance colors, sharpen images and add contrast to make the photograph pop. However, when it comes to editing people, I will NOT "thin you out", change your hair color, remove moles or scars, smooth out your skin, or wrinkles. I will remove a pimple, runny nose, or food in your teeth. Basically, I will not change anything that makes you, YOU. If this is something that bothers you, that's okay! I may not be the right photographer for you. Be sure to bring up any post production concerns you have prior to booking.